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Running sport: general information

My name is Robert, I help students from all over the world with their assignment. Recently I started running, so I prepared this small article with general information about running. 

Running will give you not only the impeccable physical form but also the psychological balance. At the same time, it is available to anyone.

Types of running

There are several types of running. All of them have the technical features and are used in different situations. We distinguish three basic types: jogging; sprinting; run on long distances.

The most popular one among amateur athletes is jogging. Its technique is quite simple – you need to make small steps, like during a walk. The body is held upright, and the feet are put straight to the ground.

Sprint running is different – you make big steps, and the acceleration is sharp. For people engaged in sports in order to improve health, it is not suitable because of the huge load on the body.

Running type of marathon runners is often used by enthusiasts. It has almost no negative influence on the organism. Comparing with jogging, it gives more adequate load on muscles. Running speed is controlled by step length; the rate does not change.

Types of load

The load during exercise is divided into low, medium, high and prohibitive.

  • Up to 120 beats per minute - low load.
  • 120 to 160 beats per minute - the average load.
  • 160 to 230 beats per minute - high load.
  • More than 230 beats – prohibitive load.

For jogging it is best to try to keep a low load or slightly exceed it. Only professional athletes are faced with high and prohibitive load. Ten minutes after the running, pulse should not exceed one hundred beats.

To check your pulse it is better to buy a special heart rate monitor, but you can use a simple clock with stopwatch. If you have low pulse, it is necessary to increase the pace of running and vice versa.

Types of breathing:

  1. There are two the most common types of breathing. The first is the most favorite: you make three steps after that you take a breath, then make another three steps and exhale. This scheme is most often recommended for athletics by their coaches.
  2. The second technique is two steps - breath, two steps - breath holding, two steps - exhale. The scheme is very effective, but it requires good preparation, and preliminary breathing exercises.

Post by wassed (2017-07-13 05:35)

Tags: writing runnung sport assignment

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